hi i am newly writing in FormSpider. i have used online IDE to write simple test program. how can I write javascript code inside FormSpider IDE? Is there any way to inject js codes into IDE? Tthanks,

asked 30 Apr '12, 03:39

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Hi. Formspider's programming language is PL/SQL. When you signed up for Formspider, we created a database schema for you. Its connection information is under Tools-->User Settings in your Formspider IDE menu. You can start writing code by connecting to your online schema from your favorite PL/SQL Editor such as SQL Developer, TOAD or SQL Navigator.


answered 30 Apr '12, 03:43

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Hi, As far as I understand your answer, we can not write "javascript code" in FormSpider. Am I correct ? Thanks.


answered 30 Apr '12, 07:16

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The programming language of the Formspider framework is PL/SQL. It has lots of PL/SQL APIs. There is also a chance to call custom JS code in Formspider, External Methods (Please see the External Methods node in IDE Miscellaneous tree). However this feature is only used in extreme cases. What is the business rule you are trying to code?


answered 30 Apr '12, 07:53

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