i try to develop a demo application for my company. i create a datasource base on query ( query running OK on toad ), FORMSPIDER create the datasource then when i tried to create a grid from the datasource An Error ocurred "Please contact your system administrator". In the tomcat appers java.sql.sqlexception : no more data to read. FORMSPIDER immediately disconnect, i had to restart tomcat to login into FORMSPIDER again.

Could some one help me ?

asked 20 Feb '14, 06:18

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Can you post your SQL query U used to create your datasource? That might give a hint..

Best regards, Michiel A.


answered 20 Feb '14, 07:08

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Michiel A
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This is my query :

select gc.pmonth,gc.pyear,gc.costcentercode, trim(cc.description) description, sum(gc.currentactualamount) amount from rpt_temp_general_hist_dtl gc, org_structure_costcenter cc where gc.groupcode = 'D_GC_SUB_BRS' AND gc.pmonth like decode(:P_MONTH,NULL,'%',:P_MONTH) AND gc.pyear like decode(:P_YEAR,NULL,'%',:P_YEAR) and gc.noid = 9000 and gc.costcentercode = cc.costcenter and cc.org_code in ( SELECT distinct ur.orgid FROM userprofile_vo up, user_requester_vo ur WHERE up.loginid = app_security_pkg.get_sessioninfo_f('LOGINID') AND up.loginid = ur.loginid ) group by gc.pmonth,gc.pyear, gc.costcentercode, cc.description
order by pmonth, pyear, costcentercode

-- last night i create a new oracle database instances and install new formspider schema into it, and i try the same query it's work no error occurred.

are there limitation on demo fromspider beside the 1 month limitation ? i create quite a lot view / datasource while trying to develop demo application.

thank you

(20 Feb '14, 21:47) Huwardi

Hi, So, i understand it is working now in the new install?

The error looks like a JDBC driver issue, maybe the Formspider Team can help on that (if it is still needed).

There are no limitations on the Formspider installation in the trial period. You get a fully functional installation.

Best regards,

(21 Feb '14, 02:49) Michiel A

Hi Huwardi,

This error happens extremely rarely ( I think we've seen it at a client 2-3 years ago and fixed it) and occurs due to odd ball Oracle (or maybe JDBC?) bugs. Unfortunately, there is no panacea for this problem. As you also noticed everything works in one database and doesn't in the other. Each case must be handled individually.

Sorry for not being of much help.

As Michiel said, there are no limitations or anything else in Formspider that causes this. This happens because of strange Oracle or JDBC bugs.

Kind Regards,


answered 22 Feb '14, 15:18

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Yalim ♦♦
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