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When do you use childwidth or width attribute in the cell?

asked 14 Feb '14, 05:25

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Hi Raymond,

childWidth enables you to give a static width to the component in a cell which is independent of the the cell's width. In other words, the component width will not change even if the containing cell becomes wider. This is usually used with the image component where stretching the size of the component might not be desired even if its container cell has become wider.

More commonly, the width attribute and hAlign attribute are used together. With the width attribute you can specify a width for the cell either as a % value or a static value. In that case, you can control the width of the inner component using the hAlign attribute. If hAlign is set to Full the component will be as wide as the cell.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


answered 17 Feb '14, 04:28

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Hi Yalim,

sorry but i do not understand completely.

In the service request demo i see for example this: <cell width="84" halign="Center" valign="Center" childwidth="74">

You say "childWidth" is static, so in this case i expect 74 pixels fixed. However, it seems to be a maximum width, because when i decrease the window width, the cell becomes smaller and the text is wrapped into multiple lines.

So what does width=84 exactly mean?

And what does childWidth=74 exactly mean?

Kind regards,

Jan Willem


answered 21 Jan '15, 04:37

Jan%20Willem%20Vermeer's gravatar image

Jan Willem V...
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Hi Jan,

Can you please post your panel XML?


(22 Jan '15, 14:20) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦

Hi Ibrahim, i am running your service request demo without any change. So, if you wish to see it yourself, start the demo and resize your browser window to - for example - 300 pixels width. You will notice that columns become smaller than width and childwidth. I don't know if that's expected behaviour, but because of this, i do not understand the meaning of these two widths. Regards, Jan Willem

(23 Jan '15, 03:25) Jan Willem V...
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