Hi Team,

I am just trying to get my head around the function of the mainPanel and mainFrame. Coming from apex where there was the concept of a page and regions. How do I display two panels in the "first page"/mainFrame. Under "Windows" there always ever only one frame , the mainFrame?

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Hı Raymond,

Formspider does not use the page paradigm. You build apps like you would build a desktop application, with Windows, Dialogs and Panels (canvases if you are familiar with Oracle Forms jargon).

Formspider has three types of Containers: mainFrame and Dialog (under the general grouping of Windows) and Panel.

A Formspider application has 0 or 1 mainFrame. This is the main Window of your application. You almost always have 1 mainFrame and you almost always maximise it and hide its titlebar. A mainframe is the top visual container of your application.

A Dialog is a Window but unlike mainFrame, you can have many Dialogs in your application. You can open multiple Dialogs at the same time.

A Panel is a container that can reside in any other Container (windows and panels). It covers a certain part of the content area of the Container it is in. There is a recursive relationship between Panel containers. A Panel may contain an unlimited number of panels. A panel can only be included to one Panel.

During run-time you use Formspider API's to add/remove Panels to/from Containers.

During design time, you can put Panels, inside Windows and you can put Panels and Components(testFields,textLabels etc...) inside Panels.

During run time you can add/remove Panels to/from Containers and show/hide Windows.

There are bunch of examples in the Demos section and the Learning Center to show you how to do these operations.

Hope this helps,


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Ok Thanks Yalim. So can you actually create multiple windows? The IDE seems to not let you add another window though.

Yes I looked at the examples. But I should have really loaded the demo app to get a better understanding. My bad. I just want to make sure I don't miss something crucial and make things to complicated unnecessarily.


answered 13 Feb '14, 21:27

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Yes you can have multiple Dialogs. You can only have one mainFrame. If you ever developed a desktop application (or even better built an application with Oracle Forms) Formspider's UI design paradigm should be familiar to you quickly. By the way, Formspider IDE has multiple dialogs and it is a Formspider application, too.

(14 Feb '14, 01:08) Yalim ♦♦

Thanks Yalim

(14 Feb '14, 04:46) Raymond
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