Hi all,

I have a master detail screen. Both has grid panels. I want to enter data into the grid directly without using a dialog window. (I do not want to use dialog windows basically because it is more unwanted additional objects to work with for both users and developers making it difficult for both.) I looked in demos, srdemo and tutorials for an example of data entry directly into grid, but I could not find any. I am looking for some sample script for the following:

  1. Inserting a row before the current row.
  2. Inserting a row after the current row.
  3. Appending a row at the end of the grid.
  4. Duplicating a row.
  5. Inserting only one blank row and stopping any additional blank row being inserted. Currently I can enter any number of blank rows without actually entering any data.

May be these are very simple things. What I am looking for is best practice for doing these things?



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Hi George,

The code below answers 1 and 4.

  v_row_t api_datasource.tt_row;
  v_row_id number;
  --read the current row
  --create new row
  --copy a value from the row you read to the new row

Regarding 3: simply create a new row. The api_datasource.createrow API creates the new row at the end of the datasource by default.

Regarding 2: use the api_datasource.nextrow to set the current row indicator to the next row and run the code above.

Regarding 5: there is no datasource setting to enforce this. It’s something that can be coded using a combination of Datasource API’s though. http://theformspider.com/API/api_datasource.html

Kind Regards,


answered 03 Feb '14, 15:24

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