Hi, How I can close webrowser, when push button on the form ? Is possible ?


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As far as I know there's no Formspider API for that, however, you can define an ExternalMethod and call "window.close()" from it.

Check Formspider APIs from this page.

There is a tutorial about externalmethods. See the link http://theformspider.com/learningcenter/how-to-use-external-method/


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Hi Serdar,

I have created an external method named winclose and given window.close() as JavaScript Signature. Further, Post method calls APPL_CLOSE backend procedure.

However, the APPL_CLOSE procedure is never invoked. Can you kindly help me to identify the problem and solve it.

With regards.


(02 Jun '14, 01:28) grajan777

Hi George,

I believe you did created the external method correct, however, you made a mistake about calling it.

Once you created an external method, you need an action which invokes this external method. Then, from application edit dialog, point this action as a Applciation Close event.

e.g. External Method Name: "emAppClose" Action Name: "invokeEMAppClose" Procedure: "declare v_params_t api_externalMethod.tt_params; begin api_externalmethod.invoke('emAppClose', v_params_t); end;"


(02 Jun '14, 06:06) formspider ♦♦


Thank you for your answer. I tried it:

  1. The Application Close event is not invoked when webrowser or web tabpage is closed. It is invoked only when formspider application is closed within formspider window. Therefore the original purpose of invoking the external method while closing webrowser or web tabpage is defeated.

  2. Doing housekeeping work while closing the application is very important part of any application development cycle. Therefore, I request you to kindly provide us with a complete example, if possible. This could benefit all formspider developers.

With regards,


(02 Jun '14, 09:00) grajan777
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