Hi team,

  • Where do I change the "default" look and feel CSS in formspider to use the grey.css
  • Where is the nest place to put any overriding CSS changes to individual panels etc

Thanks Raymond

asked 31 Jan '14, 06:21

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Hi Raymond,

To change the default CSS, open the application properties dialog and enter grey.css to the CSS Filename field.

For overriding changes...Make a copy of grey.css, modify that file and enter this new file's name to the CSS Filename field in the application properties dialog.

Kind regards,


answered 31 Jan '14, 07:01

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Hi Yalim,

Ok not exactly understanding how that works. My application is called MyFirst. I use Glassfish. So hence I create a directory apps/Myfirst/css and I have copied the slate and gray css files there. I change the application property CSS Filename to gray.css First thing I notice is that the window minimise,maximise and close icons are gone. Secondly when I do "view source" I see that css/skins/default.css is there Thirdly if I change the css in the properties to slate.css and run the app I still have the default blue colours. I tried even stopping and starting glass fish as well as empty cache of Chrome (v 32.0.1700.77) Not sure what is happening here.

Cheers Ray

PS If I change in main.jsp the css from default to gray.css the window icons max.min and close are displayed.


answered 31 Jan '14, 07:43

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edited 31 Jan '14, 07:50

Hello Raymond,

There's nothing wrong of being load of default.css. It's always loaded.

To use skins you also have to copy the "images" folder from "/css" directory into "/apps/Myfirst/css/" directory that you recently created. They're missing that's why the icons are gone.

No need to restart glassfish, just clear the cache of browser to be sure.

Hope this helps,


answered 31 Jan '14, 08:26

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Serdar ♦♦
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That did not work. I had to copy the "images" directory into "/apps/MyFirst/". That would be from my point of view also a more logical place instead of under the css directory.

(31 Jan '14, 19:34) Raymond

Yes you're right, images folder must be under /apps/Myfirst/. And gray.css must be under /apps/Myfirst/css/ .
Then it should work. ( it worked for me )

(01 Feb '14, 04:00) Serdar ♦♦

Why not just change the main.jsp? The the way I know.
There you have the line <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/skins/default.css?v=1.6.0" />
Just change the css file name to slate or gray and it should work.. You might wanna empty the browser cache or it would still load the old CSS and pictures from cache..


answered 06 Feb '14, 07:50

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Yes I knew that, but I am dealing with a customised skins for the applications. So gray.css is my default and the applications we are developing have their own skin.


answered 06 Feb '14, 15:16

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