I have a question about datasource definitnions in Formspider Mobile. What I want to do:

I want show a repeatPanel and display data which I receive by the query of the datasource definition which I use in the repeatPanel. This query joins two tables. Here is the query:

select * from shinken.objects so, shinken.servicestatus ss where so.Name1 like 'DB' and ss.current_state <> 0 and ss.problem_has_been_acknowledged = 0 and so.ID = ss.service_object_id

When I try to apply this query in the datasource definition I get the error message: ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined

Can you help me what I'm doing wrong?

Kind regards, Lisa

asked 30 Jan '14, 07:54

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Hi Lisa,

These tables have several column names in common. So Formspider cannot distinguish between them. Specify each column you want to use with its name and prefix in the SELECT section. If you end up referencing two columns with the same name (but different prefix) use an alias for one of the columns.

Kind Regards,


answered 30 Jan '14, 07:59

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Thank you for your fast answer.

Now I get another alert which I don't really understand:

Deleted Column ID is already in use. Please remove references to this Column before updating Datasource Definition.


answered 30 Jan '14, 08:06

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Solved the problem.

Kind Regards, Lisa


answered 30 Jan '14, 08:19

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