Hi all,

Please tell me the different between textField and textArea. The reason is that I want to use only one of them throughout my application for simplicity and ease of management.


asked 23 Jan '14, 18:17

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Well, actually you can't just decide on one of them and then use it throughout the application. Or at least you shouldn't.. The difference is that you are able to write only one line into a textField. A textArea is for multiline purposes. So, I would recommend using textArea when the user should be able to insert multiline content and textField for every other case.


answered 24 Jan '14, 02:05

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Thank you Mr. Mazzel,

But if I use textArea for single line content there should not be any problem.

I am thankful to your for answering. Normally and lately it takes long time to get an answer on this forum and by the time the answer comes out, one forgets the reason why he asked the question in the first place. Time has it's relevance.



(24 Jan '14, 03:28) grajan777

I suppose, there should be no problem. But it would be rather convenient to have a textField where the user has to enter content without newlines (like standard name or address forms or username/password fields).. IMO it is a greater achievement to have a better experience for the user than have maybe a little simpler development..

(24 Jan '14, 03:41) Mazzel

Yes, You are right.

(24 Jan '14, 07:51) grajan777
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