Dear all,

I have gone through Tutorial 39: How to use Row & Cell Level Grid Attributes. I understand this is done through query. However, what is required is facility for conditional coloring through API's. Users will have their own choice of colors and we should be able to meet their choice. As the application we are developing is to be shipped as a finished product, we should be able to change color at runtime when we install the system in their office.


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Helloooo! Somebody is listening?

My request is for API for all features in your Tutorial 39. The features implemented are great an I love them. But where are the APIs. Please do something. I am waiting.



(24 Mar '14, 03:10) grajan777

Hi George,

You can use api_datasource.setColumnValue to set attributes. Simply set the value of the column you used in the Grid to change the attribute (fontSizeColumn, fontColorColumn, backgroundColorColumn etc…)

Please see Tutorial 39 for details and examples.


answered 24 Mar '14, 03:28

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦

Thanks Yalim. God bless you. Let me try this.


(24 Mar '14, 03:31) grajan777

Hi Yalim,

Sorry. I could not get as to how I can use api_datasource.setColumnValue to use grid column attribute using fontSizeColumn, fontColorColumn etc. I checked the API as well but could not find. Can you please give me a little sample code?



(24 Mar '14, 10:25) grajan777

Hi George, the tutorial you've referenced in your question already has code samples. The tutorial actually answers your question completely.

(24 Mar '14, 11:16) Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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