Hi all,

I need to pick the value of the column TRANSNO every time the cursor is navigated to a new row in the datasource. I do not know what event is raised when the focus is shifted to another row in the datasource. Can somebody kindly suggest with little code?



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Hi George,

I guess the Formspider guys are still on holiday :-), so here is a how i do it:

You can implement this using the datasource event 'Current Row Changed'. You can set an action for this event in the datasource event tab (Datasource definition tree - open the datasource properties - fourth tab 'Events' - there you will find the 'Current Row Changed' event)

Every time navigation to another row in the datasource occurs, this event is triggered (note that it is also triggered the first time you navigate to the datasource)

When the event triggers, you will already be on the new row (it triggers after navigation to the new row has been done). So using api_datasource.getcurrentrowid will give you the id of the new row you navigated to. You can use api_datasource.getpreviouscurrentrowid to get the row id from the row you navigated from.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Michiel A.


answered 03 Jan '14, 09:53

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Michiel A
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Hi Michiel,

Thank you very much. This is working fine. The commands are :

api_datasource.getcurrentrowid not api_application.getcurrentrowid



(04 Jan '14, 06:23) grajan777

Hi George,

Oops..you are right. I corrected it for future readers.

Best, Michiel

(04 Jan '14, 10:19) Michiel A
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