Hi all,

I want to keep a popup window constantly visible on the screen. The purpose is to display the content of the focused component on this window. Many of the items, especially text items, have large amounts of text in it and is not fully visible. I want to display this data in a popup window as the cursor moves to each text item.

I am looking for a generic functionality where I will have only one popup windows for this purpose throughout my system.

I had implemented this functionality in my oracle application and I am looking for something similar.


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Hi George,

I guess a non-modal dialog may fit your need. A non-modal dialog can be constantly visible on the screen. You can find a non-modal dialog example in the tutorial below:


Hope this helps,


answered 05 Dec '13, 14:55

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Thank you Ibrahim,

I tried. But I am facing two problems.

  1. I want to place this dialog box to the top right corner. I do not know how to do it. Though I put North for docking it always displays at the center of the screen.

my dialog box script:

<dialog title="Current Value" width="400" height="100" modal="N"> <borderlayout> <cell docking="North"> <include panelname="ZNONEDITOR"/> </cell> </borderlayout> </dialog>

  1. I am including another panel with a textfield for displaying my data. I want the textfield to fill the complete dialog box vertically and horizontally. It fills horizontally but never vertically. I tried various but without success.

My textfield panel script for ZNONEDITOR :

<panel> <tablelayout> <row heightpolicy="Dynamic"> <cell valign="Full" halign="Full"> <textfield font-style="Bold" name="CURRVAL" backgroundcolor="Wheat" editable="N"/> </cell> </row> </tablelayout> </panel>

Please help me.


(08 Dec '13, 03:23) grajan777
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