Hi all,

I have a number of summary columns for my grid. I want to position these columns below the grid under the summarized columns. There are two features I require here:

  1. Even if the grid rows overflows below the grid panel the summary column should be visible at all times.
  2. When the grid summarized columns are re-sized/re-positioned the corresponding summary columns also should be re-sized/re-positioned automatically below the summarized columns.

Kindly help.


asked 25 Nov '13, 01:29

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Hi George,

For number 1: You can create another grid without a header (there is an attribute in the grid for this) and place it right under the first Grid.

For number 2: Unfortunately, this is not possible right now. At least I cannot think of a way. I created a ticket for this feature in out issue management system.

I can think of two workarounds: a) You can place the summary columns at the top of your Grid. (but this has its own problems) b) You can show the summaries in the following fashion (not great but it works)

Summary Value Sales 500 Items 200


answered 25 Nov '13, 01:40

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Hi Yalim,

Thank you for your suggestion. Since you created a ticket for number 2, I feel this could be easy if your team can somehow provide facility to connect these two objects(summarized column and summary column). Probably facility to specify the summary column name in the grid panel itself. I do not know the best and easy solution, your team knows.


(25 Nov '13, 02:23) grajan777
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