Hello Team,

I have two questions about XLS headers:

  1. May I export a grid without headers in an output file?
  2. Is it possible to skip header row during import of XLS file?

And one question about XLSX: do you have any plans about this filetype?

Best regards, Andrew

asked 21 Nov '13, 07:09

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Andrew Pouck...
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Hi Andrew,

1- There is not a direct parameter in the API which can make you able to export without grid header but while generating the output file, Formspider takes the visible state of the grid header into consideration. If it's not visible, the generated output file does not contain header row. Therefore, as a workaround, you can set the grid header invisible just before the export and then make it back visible again just after the export like:


We can add this option as a parameter to the API, I will create a ticket about this feature in our issue management system.

2- No, it's not possible to skip header row during import of XLS file. But I guess being able to export XLS file without header row may satisfy your need about this issue.

3- We don't have a plan for XLSX filetype for the near future but I will also create a ticket about this feature in our issue management system.

Best Regards,


answered 21 Nov '13, 15:22

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Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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Hi Ibrahim,

setGridHeaderVisible() works fine, thank you.

Unfortunatelly, we receive files from our customers in both XLS and XLSX formats with headers. So we have to pre-process them

(22 Nov '13, 03:07) Andrew Pouck...
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