Does formspider handle concurrency? Forms did this for us so we never had to worry about users stepping on each others data. And although the messages and mystery locks were annoying, when users walked away from the keyboard with uncommitted changes (as they always seem to do), Forms ensured the data was protected. Does formspider do any row locking for us or is that something that we need to think about and handle in code?


asked 22 Mar '11, 12:47

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Scott Johnston
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This feature is now implemented in Formspider Online IDE and it will be soon available to download in the new public release.


answered 07 Feb '12, 07:55

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Ugur Kocak ♦
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This feature does not exist in Formspider Beta Release 1. However, Formspider will provide support for concurrency issues when it goes production.


answered 24 Mar '11, 08:07

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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