Hello guys, Is there an update script from 1.5 to 1.6 available or we will need to reinstall 1.5?

Also could you please provide a link to 1.6 war file (we are moving from Tomcat to JBoss therefore do not need 2 application servers)

Thanks in advance


asked 08 Nov '13, 10:24

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Hi Anatoly,

I emailed the upgrade script to nnlebedev at aviasoft. For some reason his email is in the system for upgrades. I just sent it to you as well and updated our records.

The war file should be in the upgrade script.

Kind regards,


answered 08 Nov '13, 10:29

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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just received, many thanks

(08 Nov '13, 10:31) viktorK

guys, I was not able to update to 1.6 from 1.5 using the update scrupts you provided. No errors during scripts execution. Everything done according to readme file but receiving "can not find application FormspiderIDE" while executing the IDE. Though all other developed apps working fine. Any ideas?


(08 Nov '13, 17:56) viktorK

Hi Anatoly,

Please re-run the script "001_Reload_FormspiderIDE_Application.sql" existing under "ide/Re-load Application" folder. Before re-running this script, please make sure that you have copied the "FormspiderIDE.xml" file under a DB directory and also make sure that you have assigned its name to "v_oracleDirectory_tx" variable existing in this script.


(08 Nov '13, 18:10) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦

thanks, we ve reverted to 1.5 from backup. will try the whole thing once again tonight and get back to you with the results

(09 Nov '13, 01:37) viktorK

succeded at last.

2 additional points: - please remove blank lines from the scripts as they fail in SQL+ (ok with [set sqlblanklines on] command) and add [begin dbms_utility.compile_schema(user,false);end;] to postinstall script. Otherwise there are a lot of invalid objects in schema


answered 11 Nov '13, 11:01

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