Good day,

While investigating Formspider as alternative development tool I was notified of the new release 1.6 with the infinite scroll functionality. Curiously I started your demo application which is working more or less fine but I noticed some issues. 1. Scrolling with the scroll bar does not set the focus anew. The focus stays on the record where you started scrolling.

  1. CTRL/END is not working as expected. It scrolls to the end of the retrieved records not to the end of file of the underlying query
  2. (SHIFT)/HOME works as CTRL/HOME
  3. (SHIFT)/END works as CTRL/END (with the same remark as 2)
  4. PG UP works as begin of current field (HOME)
  5. PG DN works as end of current field (END)
  6. Button Create Row does not give any visual effect…
  7. Button Delete Row will remove record from the display but the delete is not committed to the database after hitting button Commit

Furthermore I noticed that running tutorial 56 will not display the familiar multi tab structure demo, design xml, action code and datasource query. The “Leave a comment” and “Go to comments” links of the tutorial seem not to function…

Despite my critical notes above I want to stress that Formspider seems to be a marvelous tool, with still some raw edges, even without having any practical experience in developing with Formspider up to now due to lack of time. Compared with the multitude of development tools I used such as IAP/IAG (Oracle release 2), all flavors of Forms, Headstart, Apex and several 3rd party products Formspider looks more promising as well in simplicity of design, speed of development and functionality offered. I look forward to some real development experience in the nearby future.

Keep up your fantastic work!

Best regards

John van Alphen

asked 05 Nov '13, 13:46

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Hi John,

Thank you very much for your kind words and great feedback. Let me go over them real quick:

1-5: I created a ticket in our issue tracking system for these. In hindsight, the way we used these buttons (PG UP,PG DN, CTRL etc...) seems silly. There are probably historical reasons for this behavior but at this point they don't matter. We'll talk to our customers to ensure backwards compatibility if needed (I doubt it though), and fix these issues.

6: Button Create Row does not give any visual effect… It would give a visual effect, if we set the the newly created row as the current row after creating it. So this is an application issue not a product issue.

  1. Button Delete Row doesn't commit changes If too many rows are deleted by people who test the demo, then the infinite scroll would be pointless and we wanted a quick way of preventing this from happening. So, we put some kind of a restriction on the number of rows users can delete. Apparently, enough people deleted rows that the app does not allow committing deletes anymore. :-) So this is not a bug or anything.

We truly appreciate your feedback and looking forward to hearing more from you.

Kind Regards


answered 06 Nov '13, 03:56

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Oh and finally regarding the comment: "Scrolling with the scroll bar does not set the focus anew. The focus stays on the record where you started scrolling." That's by design. Scrolling does not change the current row in the Grid.

(06 Nov '13, 04:17) Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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