Hello Team,

Does the Formspider keep session for the code below?

api_application.run( .., in_browserWindowName_tx => '_self', in_keepSession_yn = 'Y')

When I do:

api_session.add( 'var', 'val');
api_application.run( .., '_self', 'Y');

and (in the application which is called in the same tab)

-- return NULL-value
api_session.getValueTx( 'var')

if I just change

-- change window-name
api_application.run( .., 'win12345', 'Y');

I've got a new tab in a browser and a 'val' from api_session.

Thanks, Andrew

asked 25 Oct '13, 04:37

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Hi Andrew,

Both use cases worked for me.

Is it possible that you are sending the Y to the wrong input parameter? the in_keepSession_yn is the 5th (last) parameter in the API. But there is another deprecated input parameter between the in_browserwindowname_tx and the in_keepSession_yn parameters. If you wrote the code the way you wrote the 2nd and 3rd examples above, the value Y will not be assigned to the in_keepSession_yn parameter.

-- change window-name
api_application.run( .., 'win12345', 'Y');

However, if you write the way you wrote the first time above, it would work correctly.

api_application.run( .., in_browserWindowName_tx => '_self', in_keepSession_yn = 'Y')

Here is the link to the API documentation.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,


answered 25 Oct '13, 12:59

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