I create a master-detail form, detail record are fill base on user selection. all working perfectly after user hit submit button all selected data are display in the detail grid. My problem was when I try to navigate through the record sometimes the formspider display correct order it start from first row to end, but sometime it start from second or third row.

My goal is before user safe the record I need to store some information like the date and time when the record was save, so when i try to assign the value to each record some record are not properly fill.

Any idea why sometimes formspider navigate the record correctly and sometimes it's point on the wrong record row?

Note : i using api_datasource.firstrow before i start looping the record and when i showmessage the rowid sometimes it's start from second row.

asked 17 Oct '13, 22:48

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If you need to loop through a current set of records in a datasource, it would be better to use api_datasource.getRows or api_datasource.getQuery APIs.

If you need to set the column value of all rows existing in a datasource, you can achieve this batch update operation without looping the datasource, by using api_datasource.ALL_ROWS keyword in api_datasource.setColumnValue API:

api_datasource.setColumnvalue(yourDatasourceDotColumn, yourValue, api_datasource.ALL_ROWS)

If these alternatives don't help, can you please prepare a sample application demonstrating this issue and send it to contact@theformspider.com?

Hope this helps,


answered 18 Oct '13, 12:02

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