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I build three-level Master-Detail-Detail form. All works fine when data is presented for all levels. But when the second-level detail table has no rows, related to the master table I've get 'the recordset has no current row' error in runtime.

I've tried to catch exception in 'rowChange' events in db package, but it seams that this exception is raised before db procedure call.

Could you please explain this issue?

Thanks in advance

asked 20 Sep '13, 08:24

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Hi Andrew,

Here is what's probably happening: In the procedure that is populating the 3rd level Datasource, you are reading the Primary Key value of the current row from your 2nd level Datasource using the api_datasource.getColumnValue(TX/NR). Since the 2nd level datasource has no rows api_datasource.getColumnValue(TX/NR) raises an exception. Ensure that there is a row in the 2nd level datasource prior to using api_datasource.getColumnValue(TX/NR). So something like:

if api_datasource.getCurrentRowId('2ndLevelDatasource') is not null then
end if;

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards, Yalim


answered 20 Sep '13, 08:37

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Yes, it's a solution

Thank you!

(20 Sep '13, 08:46) Andrew Pouck...
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