I wanted to ask if it would be possible to add either api_panel.gettablecell, api_panel.getbordercell, api_panel.getxycell functions or an api_panel.addcell(in_panelname_tx IN varchar2, in_rowname_tx IN varchar2, in_cell_r IN api_layout.t_cell) function to the API.
I try to hide a cell from a panel in the beginning of runtime and then switch it on and off programmatically. One way would be to just create a new table cell, but I don't know how to fill this cell with a textField (via PL/SQL)..
My current thoughts are creating a local api_layout.t_cell variable. This variable is filled via api_panel.getcell in the postInitialize event of my panel and immediately after that I use removecell to delete this cell (it's stored in the variable, so no problem). Next thing is, I have a buttonPress event and the corresponding PL/SQL procedure uses (or should use) api_panel.addcell along with my local t_cell variable as a parameter argument. When I try to compile this my SQL editor states, there is wrong number or types of arguments for the addcell call..

I tried the same thing with an api_layout.t_tablecell variable instead of api_layout.t_cell but then the api_panel.getcell call failed because the types were incompatible..

asked 17 Sep '13, 10:09

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Can you use a Panel instead of a cell? Include the Panel to the cell and set the Panel's visible attribute to Y or N.

(17 Sep '13, 10:12) Yalim Gerger ♦♦

First off, a single panel to store just one textField would be a little excessive, I think..
Second, I have, in fact, two cells both consisting of one textField, each. Now I want to remove the cell on the right, so that the left one can take the remaining space..
Just a visible attribute cannot be the solution because it leaves empty space..

(17 Sep '13, 10:16) Mazzel

Or is it possible of some kind to transform a generic t_cell into a specific cell, e.g. t_tablecell? I thought about api_panel.setcell, but that didn't seem right..


answered 17 Sep '13, 10:26

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Have you tried using api_panel.setCellWidth? Setting the width attribute to zero would make the cell disappear. The cell on the left would take its space. The attribute accepts both number and %.


answered 17 Sep '13, 11:51

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Yalim ♦♦
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I will definitely try this, but I'm not in the office until September 30th. Thank you, I will get back to you on this afterwards! ;)

(17 Sep '13, 13:19) Mazzel

Hey Yalim, I'm back in the office now. I took your advice and tried, but it didn't work. I guess, because I have a kind of complicated table layout here.. xD
Okay, let me quickly explain this and I also brought a screenshot:

alt text

So, I am developing an application which you could use at a library. You can create, edit, delete and search for books. This screenshot shows the "advanced search" dialog and panel.
From top to bottom the textFields are title ("Titel"), author/s ("Autor/-en"), publisher ("Verlag"), language ("Sprache"), year of release ("Erscheinungsjahr"), status. In the last row you can define when the records you are looking for have been created or updated. In the comboBox you choose from "Created" ("Erfasst", which is currently selected) and "Updated" ("Geändert") and next to that you can choose who created/updated the record/s (user = "Benutzter") and/or when (date = "Datum") it was created/updated.
What I am trying to achieve now is that the first (left) textField belonging to the year of release takes all the space in most cases and in one case it should look like this. As you can see, there is button that has an "=" on it. When you press that button the icon (I just realized that a label would fit better in this case) changes to ">" then to ">=" and so on. These characters resemble how I then build the WHERE clause. The last one, before it changes back to "=", is a "<>" which should mean "between the year of ... and the year of ...". For this case, I need these two textFields. (I know "<>" means "unequal", but normal users don't know this and I think it makes sense.)
I hope you understand what I want from you and maybe you can help me.. I also could post the XML here, if that would help you understand the table layout. However, I thank you already!


answered 30 Sep '13, 07:39

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Hi. Yes could you send the XML please?

(30 Sep '13, 08:02) Yalim ♦♦

I solved the problem. Not directly, because I didn't achieve, what I intially wanted to.. But my solution - that is a lot easier btw - works and has the same effect. I just disabled the second textField by default and then for this one case enable it.


answered 30 Sep '13, 08:12

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There you go!!! Brilliant! I think this is the best solution by the way, not a workaround.

(01 Oct '13, 17:18) Yalim ♦♦

Hey, now I think about this again. Not this specific use case, but rather the possibility of having the APIs stated in the title/question.
Now, I try to swap cells, but I can't seem to achieve that.. Do you have an idea?
The use case is: The application has four buttons in a specific order. I want the user to be able to dynamically change the order of those buttons (while still maintaining my tableLayout).


answered 20 Dec '13, 03:13

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