Hi FS!

Do You have any description of application export file? It would be nice to have it!

Do You have description of meta data tables?


asked 11 Sep '13, 09:10

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Hi Atilla,

Yalim asked my to chime in, so here we go. We standardized the way a normal screen would look like and created a way to generate a complete screen, containing split-panel, tabbed panel, dialog window etc.

Basically it is just a matter of designing a (template) panel (or multiple nested panels) the way you want to have it in the Formspider IDE. Then you can create a procedure that uses the XML as 'template' panel code. This procedure calls some Formspider API's and creates the panels in Formspider.

Below the basic things the procedure must to for every panel. If you have nested panels (panels that include other panels), remember to create the panels in reverse order, so first the incuded (lowest level) panels, then the referencing panels.

First step, we need some variables

l_application_oid integer       := <your Formspider application oid>;
l_panel_oid       integer       := bdf_support.getnextobjectid; -- new Formspider object ID
l_panel_name      varchar2(255) := 'your_panel_name';
l_panel_xml       clob; -- 
l_panel_type_cd   varchar2(50)  := bdf_constant.typeSimplePanel; 
                   --Following types exist typeSimplePanel - typeTabbedPanel - typeSplitPanel - typeAccordionPanel

Second, you might want to check if the panel exists. I use a query like this to check it:

select 'panel_exists'
from   fsr_sys.t_bdf_panel pnl
where  pnl.name_tx             = p_panel_name
and    pnl.bdf_application_oid = p_application_oid

Now create the empty panel by calling the following Formspider API

bdf_panel_genapi.panelcreate (in_name_tx         => l_panel_name
                             ,in_type_cd         => l_panel_type
                             ,in_application_oid => l_application_oid
                             ,in_object_oid      => l_panel_oid

Next is to load the panel xml. You must wrap the panel XML you created in the Formspider IDE in a <root> element, otherwise it will not work, so for example the xml will look like this:

      <cell docking="Center">
        <textLabel label="Hello Panel!" font-style="Bold" text-align="Center"/>

Load the panel XML to Formspider like this:

bdf_main_xmlapi.loadXML (in_item_xml        => l_panel_xml
                        ,in_object_oid      => l_panel_oid
                        ,in_objecttype_cd   => bdf_constant.typePanel
                        ,in_application_oid => l_application_oid

And that's basically it! Now you should find the panel in the Formspider IDE and work from there. This way you can generate anything you want to Formspider. Not only it saves time, but it is a great way to standardise the panel structure and secure panel naming conventions in your application.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards, Michiel A.


answered 11 Sep '13, 11:02

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Michiel A
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edited 11 Sep '13, 11:14

Hi Atilla,

Unfortunately, we don't have any description of the tables. What are you trying to achieve? Maybe we can help.

Kind Regards


answered 11 Sep '13, 09:13

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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I thinking about templating and how can make some master panele or template panels and I reuser it on other panels.


answered 11 Sep '13, 09:36

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I see. Are you trying to standardize the look and feel (L&F) or are you trying to reuse a set of Panels? (for example a set of panels you created to show master-detail data)

If this is about standardizing L&F then you should use CSS. If the latter, Formspider does not have templating support just yet.(Formspider will have more reusability built-in in the future. )

I guess you already recognized this and that's why you are asking the question. In that case, the export file is not hard to read so maybe it makes more sense to go into that direction than dealing with the tables.

(11 Sep '13, 09:49) Yalim Gerger ♦♦

Michiel has done something along these lines but he used the API's. I'll ask him to chime in to this thread.

(11 Sep '13, 09:51) Yalim Gerger ♦♦

Exactly I looking for something like this!



answered 11 Sep '13, 12:17

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Hi Michiel!

I read your blog about transfer to FS from Forms. I'm in very similay situation. We have mid size appliaction for Electric Energy billing. An we struggling with Jdeveloper and ADF 11g. Our application developed with Case Designer and converted to Forms 6i, 10g and now on 11g. But we searching for new solutions and I found FS.

Your work is amazing. I am very interested how can we get your skin! Could we buy it or you have any other modality to use it?


answered 11 Sep '13, 17:05

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Hi Atilla,

Actually i am currently working together with Formspider to create a new skin. It will be much like the one in the blog. Also we will try to create a mechanism to create your own color scheme.. I cannot tell you when it will be done, but it is in the making...

So keep an eye on the next releases, there is lot's of great stuff in the pipeline ;))

(12 Sep '13, 11:12) Michiel A

It's great!


answered 12 Sep '13, 14:14

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Any news about mentioned new skin?


answered 28 Feb '14, 05:58

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Hi Atilla,

It is still in the pipeline, but needs some more testing before it can be released. So it is definotly coming, but i cannot tell you when..

Bet regards,

(28 Feb '14, 08:05) Michiel A

Any news about skins?


answered 17 Jun '14, 17:31

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It is for review with Formspider. It is up to them now to integrate and release it. Let's hope it will make the next version, although i am not sure about their planning.

(18 Jun '14, 02:37) Michiel A

Unfortunately, it won't make the next version. It is very likely that is will make a version within this year.

(18 Jun '14, 02:46) Yalim ♦♦
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