For us it would be great to have a function like Api_Event.GetKeyCombination or something like that..
Why? Simple: We generalize PL/SQL procedures to reuse them.
Or with more detail for the example of buttons: We write one PL/SQL procedure and by that create one Formspider action that we assign to each button. The procedure is just called when_button_pressed and the first thing it does is use Api_Application.GetEvent to receive things like objectname_tx. Then we have a CASE switch on objectname_tx and we execute different actions (for example other local procedures in the package) for each WHEN. This way, we are able to use this procedure for every button in the application without creating a new action for each and every one.
What I now want to do is take this procedure and use it (of course slightly modified) for keyEvents. But then, I also need to distinguish between which key was pressed and not only which object (e.g. textField) was involved.
I hope you understand, what I'm asking. And maybe this is a technique, that helps some of you guys out there to clean up your actions accordion a little.

asked 27 Aug '13, 10:34

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Hi Marcel,

We understand your request. I created a ticket in our system about this feature.



answered 28 Aug '13, 03:18

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Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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Feature added in Formspider 1.6.0. Thank you, very much!


answered 31 Oct '13, 05:01

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