Hello formspider-team,

I'm a big fan of Formspider Desktop and today I got some time to test Formspider Mobile.

First, I have a question about the "Load More" button on the "repeatPanel". When I start a query in my app, I got the first ten rows of the result. There are about twenty more rows to show and I expect, when I scroll down or I click on the "Load More" button, that I'll see the missing results. May I do a something wrong? I guess this feature even doesn't work in your demo application.

So on, I developed a search form with some search options at the top of the app and the results below. When I scoll down to the results, the header section with the search options (logically) disappears. For something like that, it would be cool to pin the top panel with the search options. Only scrolling inside "repeatPanel" would be nice.

Kind regards, Florian

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Hi Florian,

Thank you for your kind words! :-) Here are the answers to your questions:

Load More button on the repeatPanel

Ensure that your Datasource's fetch mode is set to Infinite Scroll. Repeat Panel only works with a datasource that has its fetch mode set to Infinite Scroll.

I guess this feature even doesn't work in your demo application.

The feature should work in the demo app. However, only the Customer tab has enough rows to demonstrate the feature. :-). This is a mistake on our part. We will add more sample rows to the demo app. So far we tested the demo app with Safari on iOS and Samsung S4 Browser. So if you are using something else and having issues please let us know.

the header section with the search options (logically) disappears.

In the next Beta version, which we will release soon, the header will not disappear. :-)

Many thanks for your feedback. Please keep sending them.

Kind Regards


answered 02 Aug '13, 09:01

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