Hello FS Team,

we got an interesting issue in our Master-detail POC:

we have 2 blocks in the form which have Master-Detail relation. Each block is a "form" input (not a grid view). Also we have a "filter" button which works with the Master block using action which points to api_datasource.setFilterWhereClause. When we press the button it fires "the current row changed" trigger where there is such a code (for example): v_pers_id := api_datasource.getColumnValueNR('SB_PERS1.PERS_ID'); api_datasource.setBindvar('SB_RTIP1.pers_id', v_pers_id); api_datasource.executeQuery('SB_RTIP1');

first line of this code tries to gather the current row of the Master block but fails with error: "DS has no current row".

But if we add another panel for Master block which has "grid" element in xml layout everything works fine.

So basically: there is an error in master-detail in form layout, then we add additional master block with grid layout (we don't show it on form and it is not related to anything) and there is no error after that.

As we found the solution for this issue it is not critical but anyway it seems to be a bug so I thought it would be worth to mention.


asked 26 Jul '13, 08:51

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Hi Anatoly,

Thanks for the feedback, this is a bug. We'll fix issue this in the upcoming releases.



answered 26 Jul '13, 09:29

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Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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Hi Ibrahim,

we now have the same problem, setting the filter on a datasource without exceuting the querry again. Are there some news regarding this bug?

Kind Regards,



answered 05 Jun '14, 04:35

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