Hello FS Team,

probably a dumb question but I was not able to start FS as a service after installation. Tomcat 6.0.29 fails with an error when I try to start a windows service.

Actually I get the exact issue described here: http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/tomcat-users/201110.mbox/%3CCAJPQeNV4e=jQM8TwsDWvUc4mc2kmkKk0+e7WH=9fj-z4a9YWBg@mail.gmail.com%3E

Is there any tutorial regarding how to do that? Actually it is not crytical as we use Always Up software for to make services from bat files but as far as I undestand Apache has this functionality included in the box.

Best regards, Anatoly

asked 24 Jul '13, 15:52

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Hi Anatoly,

There is not a tutorial which covers this topic.

The problem seems to be related with Tomcat 6.0.29. You can try installing the tomcat 6.0.37 using the windows service installer and then install the Formspider middle-tier using the Formspider installer. The windows service installer automatically creates a windows service for tomcat. To achieve this:

  • Download the "32-bit/64-bit Windows Service Installer" from here and install tomcat.
  • Run Formspider installer and tick only "Formspider Middle Tier Components" checkbox.
  • Navigate to the next screen and select "Use existing Tomcat Server installation" option to use your recently installed tomcat.

Hope this helps,


answered 25 Jul '13, 05:11

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yes, that worked, thank you.

Just for those who could encounter such an ussue as well a small addition: the FS Middle Tier installation will fail unless you add the "manager-script" role to the Tomcat "admin" user in tomcat-users.xml file. (If there is no such a role in Apache 6.0.37 config the FS installation gui will get http403 error while trying to open manager/serverinfo page)

(25 Jul '13, 09:47) viktorK
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