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I need to use key event in formspider and i need to handle all the key events via one event handler. But, unfortunately, it's not possible to find the key combination which is pressed from the PL/SQL using the api_event API. Is there any possibility to achieve this. My requirement is as follows. There are different types of key events and all these events should be handled via a unique global method. The method should be able to distinguish between the necessary events,

<keyevent keycombination="F3" action="handleKeyEvents"/> <keyevent keycombination="F4" action="handleKeyEvents"/>

We can add key events to different components and distinguish the event using the objectName_tx. But the focus should be placed to the given component to trigger the key event. I think this is not easy.



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Hi Suranga,

I think what you are asking for is partially covered. If you create a key event at a high level container, this key event will be triggered from lower level containers the high level container includes. In other words, if you put key events to the mainframe, these key events can be triggered any time from any component within the mainframe during runtime. The same is true for Dialogs and the panels they contain during runtime.

As of today, you need to create a keyEvent tag for every key combination you want to capture. This is not bad if you have 10-20 key combinations to support. It might get a little bit cumbersome if you have a lot of key events. How many do you have?

Kind Regards


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