In Oracle Forms I always develop MVC: Model, View, Control, so that applications are lightweight and methodology for updating and scaling..

Model: on the Oracle Database (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) from Packages.

View: Oracle Forms (Canvas, LOV's, Parameters, Blocks, Items, etc..) In the application server.

Control: Libraries .PLL in the application server.

Never use Program Units with code PL/SQL or SQL.

In the forms in Oracle Forms Screen, I make the call to the application logic and business logic in the database, using functions and procedures from Packages in Libraries .PLL from Form-level triggers, Block-level triggers and Item-level triggers.

In Forsmpider is possible to make calls to libraries that are in PL/SQL code or another concept or language?

I Formspider I can simulate in Model-View-Control?

Thank you very much for the information.

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Hi Alvaro,

Yes Formspider is MVC. You can actually see this from the IDE.

Model is under the datasource definition section in the navigation trees. Using views with instead of triggers you can completely reuse your existing model code.

View is the container and some stuff under the miscellaneous section. View points to Model objects via references and pointers only.

Controller is Actions section. (View also only has pointers to this section.) Actions point to PL/SQL procedures in the database. This is where all of your PL/SQL code should reside.

There is no concept of a Program Unit in Formspider. So there is no PL/SQL local to only one application.

Since every PL/SQL code unit is in database packages, procedures or functions and globally available to every Formspider Application, there is no need to have separate PLL libraries as in Forms.

Hope this helps. Kind Regards


answered 18 Jul '13, 02:19

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