Dear Formspider Team,

I have a big Select on grid. And when I use dialog to get some detail information(other columns not shown in grid) not all textFields are always filled. They just stay NULL. But I checked on DB by executing that SQL directly and not all columns are not NULL. Why the following constructions sometimes dont gets values?

textField column="" dataSource=""

Thanks in advance.

asked 02 Jul '13, 05:20

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Hi Khayyam,

Is your <textfield> pointing to the same datasource as the Grid? There is a sample application called Employees, provided with every Formspider Cloud account. It shows a few columns in a Employee Grid and then when you double click an Employee row in the Grid it pop ups a dialog which shows additional columns for the Employee.

I'd suggest you to log in to your Formspider Cloud account (or open one if you don't have one) and analyze the sample Employees application. It might help.

If this tip and the sample application doesn't solve your problem, please provide your Panel XML's for the Grid and the Dialog along with the SQL query. Please also provide the PL/SQL code you use to open the dialog.



answered 02 Jul '13, 05:47

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Yalim ♦♦
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Dear Yalim,

My dialog works... But the problem is that some fields sometimes stay NULL.. not all and not always... Just when i click on some row i see that filed which should be filled is NULL.


answered 02 Jul '13, 06:01

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<panel> <tablelayout> <row> <cell> <textlabel label="Range ID: " text-align="Right"/> </cell> <cell> <textfield column="B_RANGE_ID" datasource="data_select1" editable="N"/> </cell> </row> <row> <cell> <textlabel label="Profile ID: " text-align="Right"/> </cell> <cell> <textfield column="PROFILE_ID" datasource="data_select1" editable="N"/> </cell> </row> <row> <cell> <textlabel label="A Location ID: " text-align="Right"/> </cell> <cell> <textfield column="A_LOCATION_ID" datasource="data_select1" editable="N"/> </cell> </row> <row> <cell> <textlabel label="B Location ID: " text-align="Right"/> </cell> <cell> <textfield column="B_LOCATION_ID" datasource="data_select1" editable="N"/> </cell> </row> <row> <cell> <textlabel label="Service Rate ID: " text-align="Right"/> </cell> <cell> <textfield column="SERVICE_RATE_ID" datasource="data_select1" editable="N"/> </cell> </row> <row> <cell> <textlabel label="Service ID: " text-align="Right"/> </cell> <cell> <textfield column="SERVICE_ID" datasource="data_select1" editable="N"/> </cell> </row> <row> <cell> <textlabel label="Transaction ID: " text-align="Right"/> </cell> <cell> <textfield column="TRANSACTION_ID" datasource="data_select1" editable="N"/> </cell> </row> <row> <cell> <textlabel label="Original Source: " text-align="Right"/> </cell> <cell> <textfield column="ORIGINAL_SOURCE" datasource="data_select1" editable="N"/> </cell> </row> </tablelayout> </panel>

(02 Jul '13, 06:01) Khayyam


<tabbedpanel> <tab panelname="cdrPanel" order="1" title="CDR Details" name="CDR" enable="Y" visible="Y" closable="N"/> <tab panelname="partitionPanel" order="2" title="Partitions" name="Partitions" enable="Y" visible="Y" closable="N"/> </tabbedpanel>

(02 Jul '13, 06:08) Khayyam


<panel> <tablelayout> <row> <cell halign="Full" valign="Full"> <grid datasource="data_select1" enablecolumnresize="Y"> <events> <doubleclick action="show_dialog"/> </events> <column headerlabel="Event Time"> <textlabel column="EVENT_TIME"/> </column> <column headerlabel="B Number"> <textlabel column="B_NUMBER"/> </column> <column headerlabel="Direction"> <textlabel column="DIRECTION"/> </column> <column headerlabel="Duration"> <textlabel column="DURATION"/> </column> <column headerlabel="Price"> <textlabel column="PRICE"/> </column> <column headerlabel="Transaction Type"> <textlabel column="TRANSACTION_TYPE"/> </column> <column headerlabel="Product"> <textlabel column="PRODUCT"/> </column> <column headerlabel="Start Time"> <textlabel column="START_TIME"/> </column> <column headerlabel="End Time"> <textlabel column="END_TIME"/> </column> <column headerlabel="Start Balance"> <textlabel column="START_BALANCE"/> </column> <column headerlabel="End Balance"> <textlabel column="END_BALANCE"/> </column> </grid> </cell> </row> </tablelayout> </panel>

(02 Jul '13, 06:09) Khayyam

PROCEDURE showInfoDialog IS BEGIN api_dialog.setVisible ('infoDialog', 'Y'); END;

(02 Jul '13, 06:09) Khayyam

Hi Khayyam,

I was not able to replicate the problem by using the panels you sent. Could you please export your application from the IDE and email it to contact at Please also attach the necessary tables, their data and the PL/SQL code needed to run the app. If your app is too big to send (lots of tables, many dependencies etc...), please try to isolate the problem in a small app and send that application.

Kind Regards

(03 Jul '13, 06:33) Yalim ♦♦

Which version of Formspider are you using?

(03 Jul '13, 06:41) Yalim ♦♦
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