Hello, we faced with issue during an attempt to create new record in mater-detail form. We have a form and it consists of 1 master table ds and 4 detail ones. We are trying to replicate the Oracel Forms behaivior for "create new record". Therefore on-button-click we try to use procedure to create new rows for the master and detail tables.

The issue is that when we try to create new row for the master table - we get an error:

=>  Invalid case while updating dynammic paging.

We get it for v_row_id:=api_datasource.createRow for the master table.

What is the original of this error and if there is any way to create new records for master-detail in "form" (not grid) layout?

Many thanks, Anatoly

asked 24 Jun '13, 06:20

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Hi Anatoly,

Are you using paging in this datasource? Seems like you do. The createRow API is trying to determine where to create this row but it cannot. This is the error your are getting.

I could not replicate the error from the information you provided. If you can send me export of an application that has the error along with the steps to replicate it I can help.

(24 Jun '13, 09:12) Yalim ♦♦

Hello Yalim. Sure I can send you an export. Could you please specify the email? Also I guess you might need not only the .xml export file but the table test data as well?

Thanks, Anatoly

(24 Jun '13, 09:43) viktorK

The email is contact at theformspider.com . Yes data would be nice of course. :-)

(24 Jun '13, 09:44) Yalim Gerger ♦♦

Thanks! Just sent you the export file with some test dump of data as well. Thanks in advance for your help.

(24 Jun '13, 09:59) viktorK

hmm.. seems it worked after we removed paging from datasource. Thanks for your help.

(24 Jun '13, 10:37) viktorK

Cool. If paging is not required for your use case, then no problem!

(24 Jun '13, 10:38) Yalim ♦♦
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So the answer is to exclude paging from datasource as createRow API is trying to determine where to create the row and this causes the error


answered 24 Jun '13, 11:19

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