Hello all,

Is it possible to provide with a sample application that uses the API functions 'getgridstate' and 'setgridstate' ,the new feature of Formspider 1.4.0.



asked 21 Jun '13, 06:47

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Hi Suranga,

Yes, we will prepare examples for both locked columns and grid state soon.


answered 21 Jun '13, 06:49

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Thanks Yalim,

(21 Jun '13, 06:57) suranga

answered 22 Jun '13, 07:47

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Yalim ♦♦
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Hello Yalim,

The answer given here depends on session variables. I would like to know if it's possible to keep the state of the grid even after the user logs off from the application. Thus, when the users logs in again the data grid can be loaded to the previous state.



(24 Jun '13, 06:54) suranga

Hi Suranga, Yes of course. Just save the state information to a table along with a user id and you are done. I didn't do the example with a table to keep it simple. In hindsight, maybe I should tell at the end that the same logic can be replicated with a table.

(24 Jun '13, 07:00) Yalim ♦♦

Hello Yalim,

The example works fine. But, it seems to mix the order of the columns when the state is restored. Could you please tell me the reason for this.



(25 Jun '13, 09:59) suranga

The columns stays out of order unless column lock is set.

(25 Jun '13, 10:06) suranga

We cannot replicate this problem here in the sample application explained in the tutorial. Could you tell us the steps to reproduce it?

(25 Jun '13, 10:10) Yalim Gerger ♦♦

Hello Yalim,

Can you try by increasing the number of columns such as check boxes. I'm doing the exact same procedure as mentioned in the example.



(25 Jun '13, 13:14) suranga

Hi Suranga, can you put design xml of your Grid here?

(25 Jun '13, 13:16) oskansavli ♦♦

We replicated the problem and opened a ticked on our issue tracking system. It will be fixed on next minor release (v1.4.1) of Formspider.

(26 Jun '13, 04:40) oskansavli ♦♦
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 <grid name="grid_vw_ps_sdst3" dataSource="VW_PS_SDST3VW1" enableColumnResize="Y" enableColumnMove="Y" enableColumnSort="Y" enableColumnFilter="Y" enableColumnFunctions="Y" enableColumnHide="Y" enableColumnLock="Y">
      <column headerLabel="Selection">
        <checkBox column="CHECKED_YN">
            <valueChanged action="SDST3RowMarked"/>
      <column headerLabel="LagerPlatz">
        <textField name="LagerPlatz" column="PS_LGPLATZ_KOORDINATE"/>
      <column headerLabel="SE">
        <checkBox column="PS_LGPLATZ_SPERR_EINL_KNZ" checkedValue="1" uncheckedValue="0"/>
      <column headerLabel="SA">
        <checkBox column="PS_LGPLATZ_SPERR_AUSL_KNZ" checkedValue="1" uncheckedValue="0"/>
      <column headerLabel="Platz-Stat">
        <textField column="PS_LGPLATZ_STATUS"/>
      <column headerLabel="Larger Zone">
        <textField column="PS_LGZ_ZONE"/>
      <column headerLabel="HOEHE CM">
        <textField column="PS_LGPLATZ_HOEHE_CM"/>
      <column headerLabel="M ANZ Paletten">
        <textField column="PS_LGPLATZ_MAX_ANZ_LHM"/>
      <column headerLabel="Pl-str P">
        <textField column="PS_LGPLATZ_STRUKTUR_POS"/>
      <column headerLabel="Pl-str L">
        <textField column="PS_LGPLATZ_STRUKTUR_LAENGE"/>
      <column headerLabel="Pl-str S" visible="N">
        <textField column="PS_LGPLATZ_STRUKTUR_STATUS"/>
      <column headerLabel="PRÜEFZIFFER" visible="N">
        <textField column="PS_LGPLATZ_PRUEFZIFFER"/>
      <column headerLabel="GASSE" visible="N">
        <textField column="PS_LGPLATZ_GASSE"/>
      <column headerLabel="ABC KL" visible="N">
        <textField column="PS_LGPLATZ_ABC_KLASSE"/>
      <column headerLabel="M GEW KG" visible="N">
        <textField column="PS_LGPLATZ_MAX_GEWICHT_KG"/>
      <column headerLabel="BSW ZUORD" visible="N">
        <checkBox column="BSW_ZUORDNUNG_KNZ" checkedValue="1" uncheckedValue="0"/>
      <column headerLabel="HOEHE_CM" visible="N">
        <textField column="PS_LGPLATZ_HUB_HOEHE_CM"/>
      <column headerLabel="Kommissionier-Lauf-Nr" visible="N">
        <textField column="PS_LGPLATZ_KOMM_ORDER"/>
      <column headerLabel="SKQ K" visible="N">
        <checkBox column="PS_TOUR_KUERZEL" checkedValue="1" uncheckedValue="0"/>
      <column headerLabel="SKB K" visible="N">
        <checkBox column="PS_TOUR_BEZ" checkedValue="1" uncheckedValue="0"/>

answered 26 Jun '13, 04:15

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Hi Suranga,

We released version 1.4.1 which fixes this issue and emailed the upgrade files to Frank.

Kind Regards,

(26 Jun '13, 06:24) Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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