Hi all,

where do I find a description of the component "formattedField", in particular the "format" attribut?

Do you have an attribut for a required or mandatory field as in Oracle Forms?



asked 28 May '13, 17:35

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Hi Frank,

The syntax rules of the Formspider formattedField can be found here:


Our formattedFiled is practically a JavaScript implementation of the JFormattedTextField and MaskFormatter in Java.

About your second question: Do you have an attribut for a required or mandatory field as in Oracle Forms? No. In our experience the required attribute caused more harm than good in Forms. Formspider does not enforce mandatory fields automatically by design. Yet Formspider has an attribute called Required for each Column in a Datasource Definition. (Open a Datasource Definition, expand the Columns node and select a column. You will see it on the right side under the Updateable checkbox).

The developer should use the api_datasource.getrequiredcolumnviolations API to check if there are any violations and raise an exception accordingly. The difference of this approach is that Formspider leaves the timing of the verification to the developer.

You can read more about how to use this API, in the API documentation at: http://formspideronline.com/formspider/api/index.html

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards, Yalim


answered 29 May '13, 04:42

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