Dear all,

I have written a small program to convert my oracle forms layout into formspider panels. But I am facing two problems.

  1. I am not able to get the exact XY position for the formspider columns and labels. I feel there should be a nearly exact XY position ratio from Oracle forms to formspider panels. If somebody has figured it out kindly advice.
  2. Formspider column heights do not match with Oracle forms heights. Though I manually correct the XY script the layout will not fit vertically to match oracle forms. This is because the default formspider column height is 20 whereas oracle column height is 14. Now, if I reduce the column height the text in the column do not fit vertically in the middle of the column but bleeds at the bottom edge of the column. If I am able to fix this my conversion becomes extremely easy as I need only to manually correct my XY position. Can the formspider team do something about the height problem? Simply let the text align correct vertically when the height is changed.


asked 12 May '13, 14:14

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Hi George,

I am looking at writing a converter from Oracle Forms as well and i am very interested in your approach. Are you using the Oracle Forms XML file to do the conversion, or are you maybe using Oracle Designer repository? I would be happy to work with you on this. Are you willing to share what you did so far, so maybe we can work it out together?

Best, Michiel A.

(12 May '13, 14:32) Michiel A

Hi Michiel,

This is not a complete migration but migration of only canvases into panels. If this is what you are looking for, I can happily share this with you. It is not Oracle Forms XML but direct conversion of XY position to formspider panels and is not very complicated. If you are interested I can share the code.


(12 May '13, 14:44) George

Hi George,

Canvasses to panel could be a good start. I am not sure what can be achieved or wat is the best approach, but i am sure interested in your code. If you're willing to share, you can mail me at michiel.a at

It would be nice to create a tool to get some of the conversion done.

Thanks, Michiel

(12 May '13, 14:56) Michiel A

Hi Michiel, I am sending you the oracle db package separately in your mail. Just let me tell you what is done.

  1. Collect all the XY positions into a table by running a forms procedure.
  2. Reset column navigation in Oracle forms the way you want in the formspider as you have no control of navigation in formspider. For this I run another form procedure.
  3. The final result is in a table called cm_forms_items which is used for generating XML script for formspider. This is what I am sending you now. Not the form procedure for the step 1 and 2 above.

The package will not run in your database until you have the above table and also some of the package variables I am using from other packages. But I can help you with all these eventually. In the meantime you can have a look at the package which will give you the idea behind. It is 11.15 pm here and I need to go to sleep in another 30 minutes. I am sending this to you in a hurry and therefore everything will not be perfect. Please bear with me.


(12 May '13, 15:21) George

No problem George,

I am not in a hurry here ;) I will have a look, thanks for now.


(12 May '13, 15:25) Michiel A

Hi Michiel,

I received a failure notice from my mail. Kindly give me you correct mail.


(12 May '13, 15:38) George

Your mail did not go.

(12 May '13, 15:38) George

I have already send the mail again. Kindly let me know whether you received it. George.

(12 May '13, 15:54) George

Hi George,

I received it. Thanks.

(12 May '13, 16:10) Michiel A
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Hi George,

Just creating an answer to this post since we are working on the procedures to generate panel design based on an Oracle form block (so that this post does not look like unanswered)



answered 16 May '13, 02:41

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Michiel A
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Hi George, I'M Giorgio

I am interested to look at your "package converter" from Oracle Forms canvas to xml script for FS. I need to convert many forms (canvas) to FS layout and if there is some convertion tools may be very useful to utilize .

Best regards, giorgio M.


answered 26 Aug '13, 03:46

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Giorgio Manco
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Hi Giorgio,

I developed in formspider for above two months and I found it a great product. However, I am out of touch with formspider for the last four months as I stopped developing. I am not mentioning the reasons here. But I kept on visiting this site almost every day and that's how I saw your comments.

I will send to you the package in two/three days after re-checking. Kindly send me your email address to


answered 27 Aug '13, 06:09

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