I have a custom CSS file for my application and am just trying out various tweaks to the UI by altering the CSS. I can get the custom CSS to be usedd by the application but it seems to be very inconsistent in terms of my changes being picked up.

For example, if I change some CSS or add something new, it seems like pot luck as to when the change will be picked up; usually it is a combination stopping/starting Tomcat, changing the CSS filename on the application back and forth, closing/restarting the IDE; a simple CSS change might take me a few seconds to do but I can spend quite some time waiting for them to be picked up, sometimes I have to repeat all of the above several times and sometimes (not often) changes are picked up quickly.

Am I missing something here?

Has anybody else found a similar issue?



asked 12 May '13, 09:13

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Hi Craig,

It is usually a matter of clearing the browser cache and then refreshing the page. Other options are to use the Chrome Incognito window to test changes to the CSS (as the incognito window does not caache anything, a page refresh should be enough. What i use in Chrome is an extension, called CSS Refresh. After installing this plugin, you can refresh the CSS by CTRL + Alt + R, or right click on page and click the added option 'Refresh CSS'. (it applies the new CSS to the page, but does not replace it in the browser cache, so you must clear the browser cache once the changes are final)

Best, Michiel


answered 12 May '13, 14:22

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Michiel A
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Hi Michiel,

That works a treat :)




answered 12 May '13, 14:48

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