I have two requirements I want to satisfy when using a grid...

1) Have the number of rows displayed be dynamic based on the size of the container such that if the user resizes the window then the number of rows displayed changes accordingly, so if only 5 will fit then show 5 but if 20 will fit then show 20. It would be good if this was supported whether using paging or not.

2) Have the grid be full in terms of the rows displayed, even when the number of rows is fewer than what is needed to fill the grid; for example, lets say the user has the window maximised and the number of rows that would fit on the grid is 30 but the number of rows returned by the query was only 10 then what I want it to look like is all 30 grid lines are showing but only the first 10 will contain data. Think of this like how an Oracle Form works, you have a block that can display 20 rows at once and so all 20 rows are rendered, the query then fills in however many rows are needed so if there are only 10 rows returned from the DB then you have 20 rows visible but data only in the first 10. This will make the visual appearance of an application more consistent and professional looking.

Is this something that can be achieved now and if not, will you consider it for a future release?



asked 11 May '13, 05:39

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Hi Craig,

1) This will be possible after we implement infinite scrolling in Formspider. Formspider Mobile works exactly the way you specified. Its grid just displays enough rows to fit the space it has available and allows you to page through the rows automatically. We'll carry this feature to Formspider, too. The grid will show as many rows as it can fit into the cell it's in and allow you scroll through the remaining ones automatically.

2) We don't have any plans to implement this right now. This has not been a common request so far.

Best, Yalim


answered 11 May '13, 08:38

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Yalim ♦♦
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Hi Yalim,

1) Great!! Looking forward to the new release and FSM.

2) Shame - I know its only a minor visual thing but the end result would make for a more polished application in some scenarios; no worries, perhaps one day when the bigger things are out of the way it can be looked at.



(11 May '13, 09:58) Craig
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