I think it would be very useful if an applications components could be organized beyond what is already provided within the IDE; for example, it would be useful if Panels could be organized into "Folders" or "Categories" or "Groups", so that logically related objects can be grouped together. The same could be said for all different aspects of an application such as Windows, Datasources, LOVs...etc.

Component grouping would be useful within each component type so within the Panels node you could have the following...

....Group 1
........Panel 1
........Panel 2
....Group 2
........Panel 3
........Panel 4

But I also think Application level grouping would be just as useful, for example...

Group 1
........Datasource 1
........Datasource 2
........Window 1
........Window 2
........Panel 1
........Panel 2
Group 2
........Datasource 1
........Datasource 2
........Window 1

From within the IDE, you could choose to display components as the "Groupings" or using the normal view which is as it is right now.

This would make working with large applications much better.

Are you currently considering anything like this and if not, would it be something you would consider for a future release?



asked 08 May '13, 19:49

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Hi Craig,

Yes we want to add features to the IDE to help developers better organize their objects. I don't have a timeline for this though. We are currently heavily focused on FS Mobile. Next will be GUI Designer and Source Control.


answered 09 May '13, 02:37

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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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OK thanks; its good to know that it is in the the timeline at some point in the future.

(09 May '13, 02:44) Craig
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