I am just playing around with boxes to try out the different styles and noticed what seems to be a bug.

Check out the following UI XML...

  <tableLayout cellSpacing="5">
      <cell vAlign="Full" hAlign="Full" columnSpan="4">
        <box borderType="TitledBorder" borderTitle="Top Box" borderWidth="1"/>
      <cell vAlign="Full" hAlign="Full">
        <box borderType="RaisedBevelBorder" borderWidth="1"/>
      <cell vAlign="Full" hAlign="Full">
        <box borderType="RaisedEtchedBorder" borderWidth="1"/>
      <cell vAlign="Full" hAlign="Full">
        <box borderType="LoweredBevelBorder" borderWidth="1"/>
      <cell vAlign="Full" hAlign="Full">
        <box borderType="LoweredEtchedBorder" borderWidth="1"/>
    <cell vAlign="Full" hAlign="Full" columnSpan="4">
      <box borderType="TitledBorder" borderTitle="Bottom Box" borderWidth="3"/>

When I preview or run the above, I notice two problems...

1) The label for the bottom box is actually displayed on the top box

2) The label for the top box is nowhere to be seen

Looks like a bug to me; can you reproduce it?

I would upload a screenshot but it errors when I try to do so with the following...

Error uploading file. Please contact the site administrator. Thank you. [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\osqa\upfiles'



asked 06 May '13, 07:36

Craig's gravatar image

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edited 06 May '13, 08:03

Uploading error is now fixed. Thank you for the feedback.

(06 May '13, 07:53) formspider ♦♦

Thanks - see screenshot below for box bug...

alt text

(06 May '13, 07:55) Craig

Hi Craig,

Yes, this is a bug, we are able to reproduce it. In fact, the box component is basically considered to be used widely in xyLayout since in tableLayout logic, you will not able to place/display any component inside of a box component.

I registered a ticket regarding this problem, thanks for the feedback again.



answered 06 May '13, 08:02

Ibrahim%20Sandalli's gravatar image

Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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Great, thanks.

I'm actually just trying to work out the best way to put some text items inside of a box; is the only way to do this with an xyLayout?



(06 May '13, 08:09) Craig

In the future, will table elements be able to utilise borders? i.e.

<row borderStyle="?" borderWidth="1">


<cell borderStyle="?" borderWidth="1">



(06 May '13, 08:12) Craig

Hi Craig,

Yes, the only layout which is suitable for this request is the xyLayout.


(06 May '13, 09:03) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦

Hi Craig,

Currently, we are not planning to implement this feature in the near future. As an alternative solution, to put your components inside of a box in a tableLayout structure, you can place them into a separate panel and set "LineBorder" as the borderType of this panel to simulate the box view.


(06 May '13, 09:16) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦

I just tried what you suggested with a Panel border and it works just fine - thanks.

(06 May '13, 10:24) Craig

I figured as much, thanks.

(06 May '13, 10:25) Craig
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