How would I go about adding a background to my FS applications?

Specifically, I am building an application with the main page/window is a borderlayout and in the North region we have a fixed header showing information we want to be visible all the time, including our logo, user information and a few other things. The North region contains a single row 3 cell layout and I want to add a background image that spans all 3 cells - is this possible and if so, how?



asked 05 May '13, 12:15

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Hi Craig,

CSS to the rescue again.. If for example your panel is named 'logoPanel', this will result in the HTML as

 <DIV id="logoPanel">

So you can use this to set the background image for the DIV in the CSS like

#logoPanel {
    background-image: url('/images/background.png');

If you have nested panels in the logoPanel, this can also work. The trick then is to set the background-color to transparent for all nested panels. For example if you have a nested panel in your logoPanel , named logoPanelNested, you will need to set this in your CSS:

#logoPanelNested {
    background-color: transparent;



answered 05 May '13, 15:06

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Michiel A
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Don't let CSS take all the credit, I think you meant "Michiel to the rescue again" :)

Thanks, I will give that a try; although again as with some of my other questions, this is the sort of simple requirement I would like to be able to do directly in FS without having to drop out into CSS since I figure doing this kind of thing would be quite common and something many developers would want.



(05 May '13, 15:45) Craig

haha.... don't thank me until it works :) About using CSS with Formspider, i am happy i can style anyway i like to using CSS. Let the Formspider team concentrate on building the features i cannot do with CSS.

Good luck, Michiel

By the way Craig, please accept a correct answer if you will. Makes it easier for the community to see if a question is answered or not. Thanks

(05 May '13, 15:53) Michiel A

Actually, I wasn't even aware of the ability to flag an answer as "correct"; thanks for the heads-up. I've gone back through all my q's and accepted where appropriate.

(06 May '13, 05:35) Craig

Nice, thanks.

(06 May '13, 05:40) Michiel A
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