When using the Grid Wizard to generate the UI XML for a grid, I have a few suggestions that can help improve productivity...

1) The default header label is currently the same as the column name, it would be better if the default label was changed to be the column name but capitalised and with underscores replaced with spaces; so for example, the default header label for a column called "USER_NAME" would be "User Name". It would be a rare occasion that the column name is exactly the same as the column name.

2) Have a "visible" checkbox in the wizard against each column so that you can generate the XML but have the item invisible by default.

3) Show the column ID (DBA_TAB_COLUMNS.COLUMN_ID) and allow the developer to choose how columns are sorted in the Wizard, typically sorting would be done by column ID since in many cases a column would be displayed in a grid in the order it appears in a table or view; also allow to sort column alphabetically.

4) Add a size field against each column that can be entered in either pixels or a percentage.

When building a lot of grids with many items, the above changes would save a lot of manual editing of the XML.

In fact the same enhancements could be made to the Form wizard as well.



asked 04 May '13, 16:34

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edited 05 May '13, 02:31

Hi Craig,

Thanks for your feedback. I registered a ticket in our issue management system regarding your suggestions, we will evaluate them for the future releases.

Best Regards,


answered 06 May '13, 07:19

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Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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Great, thanks.

(06 May '13, 10:26) Craig
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