Is it possible to pass and retrieve a parameter from URL at the start of application?

For the example below, I have this URL but then I have to create a separate version for other region. http://fspider_server:8080/OKI_Apps/main.jsp?name=Apps1

Instead of creating another application, I plan to pass a parameter at the URL and retrieve then in OnLoad event then process it based from "region" parameter. http://fspider_server/formspider/main.jsp?name=Apps1&region=USA http://fspider_server/formspider/main.jsp?name=Apps1&region=UK http://fspider_server/formspider/main.jsp?name=Apps1&region=ASIA http://fspider_server/formspider/main.jsp?name=Apps1&region=ASIA

Have tried it but cannot make it work. Is this possible?

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Hi Marnie,

You can add your parameters to the URL as a bookmark string and then retrieve this bookmark string in the postOpen event of your application, using the api_application.getBookmark API.

In your example, the application URL should be like:


For the URL above, the api_application.getBookmark API will return region=ASIA as the bookmark value.

You can also add multiple parameters to your URL:


For the URL above, the API will return region=ASIA&department=IT as value.

Hope this helps,


answered 30 Apr '13, 03:19

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