Just noticed a couple of things in the UI XML code editor that could do with some slight improvements...

1) When errors are found in the XML it lists them at the foot of the IDE, it would be very useful if when you clicked on the error it would put the cursor at the point in the code where the error was found

2) If you press validate and it find and error and then press validate again you get a "No changes since last save" message rather than the errors.

3) The Format Code function is useful but it would be better if you could edit the formatting preferences to alter the formatting and do things like remove blank lines and other "clean-up" functions. Also, I've noticed that it does not seem to format correctly if tags are on the same line, I was expecting it to split them into separate lines but it did't. This happen when I copied in some code from an example, it pasted it all onto a single line and so I thought I could use Format to make it readable but formatting effectively did nothing and so I had to split it up into separate lines manually.



asked 28 Apr '13, 08:14

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1) I agree that would be a nice feature.

2) It seems that's a bug we should fix.

3) The single line formatting issue works well for Chrome and Firefox. I assume you are using IE and as you said it cannot format single lines.

I'll open tickets for the first two in our issue tracking system. Thanks for the feedback.


answered 28 Apr '13, 12:37

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oskansavli ♦♦
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Great, thanks.

You are correct, in this instance I am using IE; I will give it a try in Chrome.

(28 Apr '13, 12:46) Craig
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