Just wondering if there are any plans to implement a code navigator for the UI XML?

Whilst the XML itself is very simple, once you start getting even a modest screen/form put together the XML can get large and quite difficult to work with very quickly.

What would be great if there was a tree control that broke down the XML into its component parts, it would make navigating large blocks of code very easy and make the development experience more intuitive. So for example, the top level node would be a Window, then within that node would be the layout manager, if it was a borderlayout there would be a node for each of the regions, beneath those were the controls that are displayed and then further detail would be able beneath that such as the items on a form or grid control; you could even go further still and allow an item to be expand to show the properties defined in the XML.



asked 28 Apr '13, 07:36

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Yes, we are willing to add code folding feature to the xml editor (together with line wrapping) in the future but it is not scheduled yet.


answered 28 Apr '13, 11:45

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oskansavli ♦♦
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Code folding would be a great addition, but what about a code navigator that I've described above?

(28 Apr '13, 11:52) Craig

If you are asking about a navigator outside of the xml editor, we haven't planned a feature like that.

(28 Apr '13, 11:59) oskansavli ♦♦

Yes, I'm talking about a code navigator built using a tree-like control that sits outside of the editor; code folding will go part way there but for very complex UI's code folding doesn't go far enough; most modern IDE's that are declarative like FS without a WYSIWYG screen designer have a code navigator and so I think it would be well worth considering as a future addition.

(28 Apr '13, 12:10) Craig
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