Do you have any information on what controls/layouts can be embedded within other controls/layouts?

For example, can a panel be embedded within a table cell, can a table be embedded within a table, can a xyLayout be embeddeded in the North panel of a borderlayout, can a table be embedded in the center panel of a borderlayout...etc; are there limits to embedding? I've tried a few and none I've tried work so far.



asked 27 Apr '13, 22:33

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Hi Craig,

In Formspider, a panel (with any content) can be imbedded in another panel. There are no limits in the number of panels that can be embedded.

So, for your examples:

  • can a panel be embedded within a table cell: yes. In the table cell, use include="panel_name" to embed any panel.

  • can a table be embedded within a table: Yes. Same trick as above. Put the table to be embedded in a panel and include it in a table cell of the first table.

  • can a xyLayout be embeddeded in the North panel of a borderlayout: Yes Again, same thing: put the xyLayout in a panel and inculde the panel in the north cell of a borderlayout panel.

If you have an example that does't sem to work, please post it, so wecan have a look.

Regards, Michiel


answered 28 Apr '13, 10:21

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Michiel A
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Hi Michiel,

Thanks for your response, and that's great - lots of flexibility that will allow the creation of quite complex UI's.

The more a play around with FS the more I love it :)



(28 Apr '13, 10:31) Craig

No problem. I know the feeling coming from Apex development :)

(28 Apr '13, 10:40) Michiel A
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