Is there any documentation that lists all of the controls (and their associated properties) that can be created on a Formspider screen along with the XML information need to implement them?

If there is no documentation yet then even just a list would do for now; the simplicity of how you have allowed us to create controls using simple XML is such that even a basic list of XML tags, controls and properties would be a big help when learning by experimentation. A list could evolve into a proper Reference Guide over time.



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Hi formspider team,

Kindly do something about this. In the software company I used to work it was the duty of the developer to do four things. 1. Develop a new feature or modify existing feature. 2. Write technical document about the feature. 3. Write user document about the feature. 4. Support both the above documents with sample codes he used while developing.

The documents created by the developer will be further rectified/modified. This way, as new features are added, documents will get created automatically. The user documents get published.


(25 Apr '13, 04:16) George

Hi Craig,

I guess this is the part where I will start writing. If there is any tag or attribute you have questions about please ask here for the time being.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Best, Yalim


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Yalim Gerger ♦♦
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Hi Yalim,

It's no problem, I appreciate that Formspider is a new and evolving framework and so I am quite willing to be patient as it relates to things like lack of documentation; I'm just pointing out that something like a basic reference or even list of tags, properties etc will prove very useful.

I looked at the Formspider XSD which seems to contain all the info for the validation of the UI XML, perhaps as a starting point you could extract the info from here and we would have a full list of everything and then you could work on documenting them a chunk at a time.



(25 Apr '13, 08:31) Craig
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