I am just creating a small simple test application with a single read-only table based datasource; my main panel is defined as follows (based on the grid in tutorial 45)...

    <cell docking="Center">
      <grid name="Grid" dataSource="ConflictClass1">
        <column headerLabel="Conflict Class">
          <textLabel column="CONFLICT_CLASS"/>
        <column headerLabel="Description">
          <textField column="DESCRIPTION"/>


The above will not validate or run since it generates the following error...

cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'root'. At Line: 1 , Column: 141



asked 25 Apr '13, 01:53

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Further research suggests this is an XML schema validation issue.

(25 Apr '13, 03:06) Craig

This might be a firewall problem.
Can you check if your app server machine can open formspider.xsd file in a browser.
it's url should be "" assuming that you're opening fs apps with url ""

(25 Apr '13, 08:42) oskansavli ♦♦

I've just unistalled and am going to a reinstall shortly to see if that helps.

However, prior to uninstalling I was not able to access the XSD at the URL you suggest but if I used "localhost" rather than "" then I could access it.

Note that I can't access anything to do with FS when using but localhost works for everything.

I will get back to you again once I've had chance to reinstall.


(25 Apr '13, 08:49) Craig

I resolved the issue; all I did was substitute in the application URL with my actual machine hostname and this solved the problem.




answered 25 Apr '13, 13:55

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