Hi all,

I am doing some generic programming using formspider. One important requirement is to check whether an object is present before I am able to use it. For example I should be able to check whether a panel, component etc is present before I use it. I tried the getid function. It returns correct value if object is present. Otherwise it generates an error. If getid returned 0 or any other predefined constant I could use it for this purpose. I am looking for something similar to find_item,find_canvas etc in Oracle forms.


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Hi Georege,

Why do you need this? In Formspider, all objects are present all the time. They are created when you reference them. Could you explain what you are trying to achieve please?

Best, Yalim


answered 24 Mar '13, 23:30

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Hi Yalim,

All my menus are in separate tables. The table contain menu name and panel name (in oracle, form name). I am trying to use same menu table used in my oracle forms application. Therefor all my menu items are already available. When user double clicks a menu item, the system needs to check whether the panel is already created in formspider application. If yes, run it else display appropriate message.

As you said, formspider has all the objects present all the time. This is the case with oracle forms also. Still they provided this facility.


(25 Mar '13, 00:16) George

Hi George,

You can implement a custom function that returns the panel id if it's present and a constant value (-1 for example) if it does not exist. You can use api_panel.getID API with that purpose. If the given panel does not exist, this API throws the e_invalidPanelName exception. You can handle this exception to return the constant value:

function getPanelID(in_panelName_tx varchar2) return number is
  return api_panel.getid(in_panelName_tx);
  when api_exception.e_invalidPanelName then
    return -1;

Hope this helps,

(25 Mar '13, 04:04) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦

Thank you very much Mr.Ibrahim.

(25 Mar '13, 04:24) George
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