Hi all,

I want to read the content of my current grid row when user double clicks on that row. Kindly explain with some example.

Thanks and regards.


asked 06 Mar '13, 23:20

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Hi George,

You can read the content of the current grid row in the doubleClick event of the grid component, through the api_datasource.getRow API.

Consider the following grid:

<grid dataSource="gridDatasource" name="grid">
    <doubleClick action="gridDoubleClick"/>
     <textField column="COL1"/>

The simple gridDoubleClick procedure can be as follows:

procedure gridDoubleClick is
  v_row_t api_datasource.tt_row;
  v_row_t := api_datasource.getRow('gridDatasource');
  api_application.showpopupmessage('value: '|| v_row_t('COL1').value_tx);

The procedure above is useful when the grid and its datasource is fixed. If you need a generic procedure, you can use the following:

procedure gridDoubleClick is
  v_gridName_tx       varchar2(1000);
  v_datasourceName_tx varchar2(1000);
  v_row_t             api_datasource.tt_row;
  v_columns_t         api_datasource.tt_columns;
  v_columnName_tx     varchar2(255);
  -- get double-clicked grid name
  v_gridName_tx       := api_application.getFocusedComponent;
  -- get datasource of the grid
  v_datasourceName_tx := api_component.getDatasource(v_gridName_tx);
  -- get current row of the datasource 
  v_row_t             := api_datasource.getRow(v_datasourceName_tx);
  -- get column list of the datasource
  v_columns_t         := api_datasource.getColumnNames(v_datasourceName_tx);
  -- column values for the current row
  for i in 1..v_columns_t.count loop
    v_columnName_tx := v_columns_t(i).name_tx;
    case v_columns_t(i).datatype_cd
      when 'VARCHAR2' then
        api_application.showpopupmessage('value: '||v_row_t(v_columnName_tx).value_tx);
      when 'NUMBER' then
        api_application.showpopupmessage('value: '||v_row_t(v_columnName_tx).value_nr);
      when 'DATE' then
        api_application.showpopupmessage('value: '||v_row_t(v_columnName_tx).value_dt);
      when 'CLOB' then
      when 'BLOB' then
    end case;
  end loop;

Hope this helps,


answered 07 Mar '13, 03:16

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Thank you Mr. Ibrahim.

(07 Mar '13, 22:17) George

Hi Ibrahim,

This was a very helpful piece of code to me especially the generic one. Thank you very much and may God bless you.


(08 Mar '13, 03:49) George
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