I want a report to be started by activating a link in which the input arguments are coded like


How can I address this? The report is an excel report so I currently can not do this using the Jasper Reports servlet.

Thanks, Ronald.

asked 04 Mar '13, 08:54

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Hi Ronald,

To achieve your request, you can pass your arguments in the application URL as a bookmark:


In the postOpen event of your application, you can retrieve the entire bookmark string(&arg1=foo&arg2=bar) using the api_application.getBookmark API. Then, you can parse this string and start the necessary report.

Hope this helps,


answered 04 Mar '13, 09:16

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Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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Ah, was searching for url .... is bookmark. Thanks, I think I can do this. :-D

(04 Mar '13, 10:19) ik_zelf

Hi Ibrahim, apart from the post open event, is there anything else I should do to get the bookmark? I can see that my event code is executed but I do not get a value for the bookmark.

(04 Mar '13, 11:42) ik_zelf


public varchar2 getBookmark()

Gets bookmark that is defined for application.

    Bookmark of the application

Do I have to define anything to use this? Currently I just created an empty application with the default main panel and gave it a datasource with query and the postopen event defined. Not a bit more.

(04 Mar '13, 13:59) ik_zelf

Hi Ronald,

You don't have to define anything to use the bookmark, it should be sufficient to add your parameters to the application url as bookmark and call api_application.getBookmark in the postOpen event. I prepared a sample application regarding this issue, please check the following URLs, the bookmark value retrieved is displayed as a popupmessage:

http://formspideronline.com/formspider/main.jsp?name=bookmarkDemo#&arg1=foo&arg2=bar http://formspideronline.com/formspider/main.jsp?name=bookmarkDemo#myBookmark

The code called in the application postOpen event is:

api_application.showpopupmessage('The bookmark is: '|| api_application.getBookmark);

Hope this helps,


answered 04 Mar '13, 14:21

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Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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OK, I have seen the little shining bit that tricked me .... I wrote ?my_app&arg1=foo&arg2=bar and it should have been ?my_app#arg1=foo&arg2=bar -> gives "arg1=foo&arg2=bar"

thanks! :-D

(04 Mar '13, 14:56) ik_zelf
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