Hi all,

Where can I given focusGain, valueChanged events in a Form type panel? In the grid panel I am able to enter these events next to the grid line. I tried to place events in different locations for the form panel. Unfortunately, nothing is working.



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Hi George,

On panel level you have only click, rightclick, postinitialize and keyevents. Events like focusgain have to be set on component level inside the panel, like:

    <textField column="COLUMN_NAME" dataSource="DATASOURCE_NAME">
        <focusGain action="actionNAme" />

There is no possibitility to have a focusGain on a panel, just on components. A grid is a component, and thus has a focusgain event.

Best regards,


answered 02 Mar '13, 04:45

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Michiel A
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Hi Michiel,

This is going to be a lots of work to give events on every textField.

Thank you for the help.


(02 Mar '13, 07:00) George

It will be, if you really need the event to fire on every component. Why would you do it on every component? What is the use-case here?

Best, Michiel

(02 Mar '13, 07:34) Michiel A

The purpose is to able to write generic programming. This enables me to make the screens once with maximum features and forget it. In future a company may ask for some facility and I can give it without returning to the form to re-design the screens. Think of a company doing ship supply business. They will need a ship Master. And when they supply to the ship they need to enter name/code of ship. Then I need to validate this. Therefore, I need valueChanged event. As a policy I put maximum features into the screens so that almost any future needs can be met.

Hope I have made it clear.


(02 Mar '13, 08:01) George

You mean you want to set all events on all components, so you will have a handle once you need a trigger event? Remember that every event will trigger a roundtrip to the server for executing the pl/sql procedure in the action. This will be noticable when navigating between components, especially when you do it on every component when you don't need it.

Opening a form to add an event to a component when you need it is about a minute work. You could alo add a validation handle when saving the form changes. This way you wont be doing lots of roundtrips for nothing.

Just my opinion,

(02 Mar '13, 08:31) Michiel A

I was unaware of the server round trip. I am just one week old with formspider. I was thinking in the same way as Oracle forms. Thanks for informing me. I understand that this is a major limitation of formspider for larger system with hundreds of forms and users. Further, round trips will make the system almost unusable for larger systems.

About reopening of the form, I think of a product that will be implemented by third party to the end users. Third party will not be given the source. This is how larger systems like ERPs are developed and implemented.

(02 Mar '13, 10:05) George

Hi George, Actually the way Formspider communicates with the server is optimized. Formspider never goes to the server unless there is code that needs to be executed associated with the user event. It is architected specifically to build large systems.

There are many applications with hundreds even thousands of forms implemented in Formspider performing perfectly. Continued in the next comment...

(02 Mar '13, 10:15) Yalim K. Gerger ♦♦

You however are building a product and would like to build it as generically as possible and change its behavior during run time depending on some parameters. If this means that you have to execute code in every user action I suggest you to give this approach a shot by building a small application with Formspider and see how it works for you.

Everything might still work just fine. Formspider is really fast. And if it works fine with the small application, it will work fine with a big one. The size of the application does not effect the performance in your use case.

Hope this helps.


(02 Mar '13, 10:23) Yalim K. Gerger ♦♦

Hi Yalim,

Happy to know that formspider is optimized and architected specifically to build large systems. As suggested, I will build a test application for evaluating the performance.



(02 Mar '13, 11:28) George
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