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How can I get the currently running application name?


asked 02 Mar '13, 03:36

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Hi George,

If you mean the Formspider application name (the name you gave the app in the Formspider IDE), then there is not an API to get that directly. See this thread to get the application ID.


With the bdf_application_oid you can get the application name from table t_bdf_application.

If you mean by application(form) name, the name of the currently opened 'form' or 'screen', then that is something you will have to manage yourself. Formspider does not have something like a 'form' or 'screen' like Oracle forms has. Formspider just knows panels.

So if you want something like a 'current form' or 'active form' that is opened at one time within the application, the easiest way to achieve that is to set a session variable, like current_form' the moment you open the 'Form'. (unless you use only dialogs, then you can use api_application.getFocusedDialog to get the current dialog)

Hope this helps,


answered 02 Mar '13, 05:04

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Michiel A
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Thank you Michiel for the information. May God bless you.

(02 Mar '13, 06:57) George
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